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Key Drivers Education - Use of Maximum Difference Scaling and Ridge Regression to derive relative importance

SAS JMP Discovery | Copenhagen, Denmark | Forthcoming Presentation | March 2019

Who is your next best hire? - Using facial image vectors and principle component analysis

SAS JMP Discovery | Frankfurt, Germany | March - 2018

Optimizing Consumer Choice to Maximize Profit in Appliance Repair

SAS JMP Discovery | Prague, Czech Republic | March - 2017

Embedded Analytics for Real-Time Executive Decision Support

Astute Web Analytics Users Conference | Las Vegas, Nevada | February 2014

Publication – Live Telecast January 2014

Analytically Speaking with Rob Reul - YouTube - Cary, NC | SAS JMP Analytically Speaking series on categorical analytics in consumer research                         

Boiling Down Big Data - Enabling End-User Regression

Confirmit Community Summit | Las Vegas, Nevada | June 2013

Conjoint Analysis and Discrete Choice Experiments for Quality Improvement

Journal of Quality Technology | Print 74 Vol. 45, No. 1 | January 2013

Choice Modeling Exploring Brand Touch Points

SAS JMP Discovery Series | Denver, Colorado | September 2011

Conjoint Marketing Experimental Design Considerations 

SAS JMP Discovery | Chicago, Illinois | September 2009

Using Six Sigma to Trade Performance for Profit

American Society for Quality– Lean Six Sigma Conference | Phoenix, Arizona | March 2008

Mechanics of Capturing, Summarizing, Analyzing, and Prioritizing VOC to Fuel Six Sigma Project Selection and Drive Performance Improvement

American Society for Quality – Lean Six Sigma Conference | Orlando, Florida | March 2007

Go Wide or Go Deep? Using Loyalty Analytics to Isolate Pockets of Potential

American Society for Quality – Lean Six Sigma Conference | Tampa, Florida | January 2006

Using the Voice of the Customer to Seed the Perfect Storm

American Society for Quality – Lean Six Sigma Conference | Palm Springs, California | February 2005

Customer Oriented Processes – The Crucial Brand Viability Measures

American Society for Quality | San Francisco, California | March 2004

Leveraging Industry Standards Toward Brand Dominance  

Heavy Duty Equipment Manufacturers Association | Ft Meyers, Florida | February 2003

Shall Shocked: Customer Research and ISO 9001:2000  

American Society for Quality – ISO 9000 Conference | Palm Springs, California | February 2002



Oh, baby.  


By giving birth to a new metric, Virginia Apgar saved lives.  


The pioneering anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar was troubled by the number of infant deaths within the first 24 hours after birth. This number was staying stubbornly constant, even as general infant mortality rates fell. So she developed what came to be known as the Apgar Score, where each newborn is rated on each of five attributes one minute after being born. If the score indicates distress, treatment is monitored by ongoing Apgar Score measurements. Because these attributes mean the difference between life and death, they are truly Key Performance Indicators. This simple measurement has helped save the lives of countless children and is a testament to the power of heuristics. Developed in 1953, it is still used in US hospitals today.