A career spent helping organizations succeed.

Steeped in analytics and schooled in quality disciplines, Rob has been providing clients research and strategy for over 20 years. He continues to pioneer Voice of Customer (VoC) — most recently by integrating behavioral and preference analytics into decision making tools. He applied his extensive process improvement experience to create an innovative business improvement model unparalleled in the market research industry. 

Expertise and credentials:

  • Quantitative Research & Analysis

  • Customer Research Design

  • Market & Customer Baselines

  • Choice Modeling & Segmentation

He is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, the founder of the Carlson School of Management Discrete Choice Experimental Design Think Tank, an ISO 9000 – Quality System Lead Auditor, and National Quality Award Senior Examiner. 

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There’s a science to the signal.


To the trained eye, lighthouses convey a world of useful information.

We think of lighthouses as charming landmarks. But they were serious navigational tools — and still are, in some cases. They save lives and preserve property through an elaborate series of markings (in daylight) and a distinctive sequence of pulses (in darkness). For example, one light house may flash its light every fifteen seconds. Another, every thirty seconds. These patterns tell mariners where they are — and what they need to avoid.