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See clearly.
Act decisively.


What we do.


Isometric employs a scientific approach to marketing to help organizations see clearly and act decisively. By applying these proven analytic and research methods, we produce actionable results that have a favorable impact on your business economics.

We do this across all stages of the sales funnel, spanning a wide variety of industries. You will see those results both in the short term and, through the use of benchmarks, over time. In fact, a retrospective business audit by H.B. Fuller found our estimates of customer retention and attrition to be “astonishingly accurate.”

Founded in 2000, ever evolving, dedicated to best practices, and influenced by thought leaders from Tufte to McFadden, we’ve expanded the tools available to researchers by working with SAS and Confirmit. 

“We’ve worked closely with Rob Reul over many years as we have invested in market research analytics. We are especially grateful to Rob for helping guide our development of the Choice experimental design and fitting platforms.” 
John Sall, Executive Vice President, SAS Institute, JMP Division

“Rob has helped us push our technology in directions that empower researchers; he prompted us to develop both the first customer alert system and automated error regression tools.” 
— Espen Nygard, Chief Solutions Officer, Confirmit  

We separate signal from noise. After working with us, you will be as confident in your decisions as you are in your abilities. 


Our customer dashboards allow you to gather your key metrics in a convenient place so you can make impactful decisions.

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“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.”

— Benjamin Disraeli